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New Low Loader Combination

In order to be able to continue transporting all the machines that we build and purchase for our operations ourselves and to be more flexible with the diversity of machines, we have taken this low loader combination into use. 

A Volvo FH500 Euro 6 tractor in the same styling as our rigid vehicles, fitted with a 3-axle Broshuis low loader. 

Where the tractor is equipped with a lift axle, the low loader has 3 axles, of which the rear 2 axles are steerable and the front one is a lift axle. The ramp on the low loader itself is hydraulically adjustable, the low loader is extendable and the ramps are both hydraulically adjustable and foldable.

In addition, it is equipped with a few handy boxes so that the driver always has enough clamping material. 

And, of course, it comes equipped with a few width signs, so that our wider equipment can also cross the road safely.

This way, we can serve you even better in the future. 

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